Who is Inside You?

I am celebrating autumn and changing of weather and İstanbul Modern is hosting a new exhibition after MACK, that you shouldn’t miss at all: İnci Eviner Retrospective in İstanbul Modern, ‘’Who Is Inside You?’’.

The beautiful ambiance of İstanbul Modern, right on the Bosphorus, helps you to get out of this heavy mood and enlightens you with Northern breeze, coming down from the Black Sea.

Who is İnci Eviner by the way?

Born in Polatlı, Ankara in 1956, Eviner, graduated from Fine Arts Academy in İstanbul in 1980 and opened her first solo exhibition in 1986. There is a really long list of her activities, exhibitions and artistic presence in this link: http://www.incieviner.net/en/cv.html

But the best way to get to know her, is to go and visit this incredibly rich retrospective in Istanbul Modern, until October 23th.

I think the following paragraph I took from museums web site, gives us an idea of what to expect form this exhibition:

“This retrospective of İnci Eviner, put together by Istanbul Modern, showcases the artist’s creative process from the 1980s to the present. It allows us to see the development and transformation of her rich search for expression, which extends from drawing, painting, and video to installation, photography, and sculpture. The presentation of Eviner’s artistic output is not strictly chronological, but rather interweaves past and present, and even incorporates the exhibition space itself.”

And now I quote from İnci Eviner:

“This exhibition enabled me to look back. Not only did it give me the opportunity to look from a certain distance at my own story in terms of how my identity as an artist became established, but it also revealed how all of the works are linked in certain ways. I designed the presentation in an entirely open-plan setting. I wanted to create a dynamic environment that would not be presented chronologically, but would bring back into circulation visual languages that reference one another, speak to one another, and are informed by the same past although they were articulated in different ways at different times.”

In light of these words, I have already planned my weekend: Some quality time spent amongst the works of Mrs. Eviner.

I strongly suggest you do the same!

by guest contributor İlknur Akman Erk @ilknurakmanerk